An exploration of fashion, fame, money and childhood memories is pursued in this series. A complex arrangement of issues that also questions is anything new or pure reinvention. This is highlighted in the use of the letter B, symbolizing bootleg and counterfeit culture that is prevalent in the fashion industry. RichHARD’s paintings feature the rise and fall of designers presented by glamorous string push puppets using popular characters we all grew up with. Push puppets are a much loved childhood toy that when pushed collapse and fall down, yet when released recover and get back up. Every character has a story to tell, ranging from being stood up on a date but decides to go to the party, to not giving a damn what others may think. Fame is represented by various glossy celebrated magazines and the paintings luxury glossy finish.

Lola Bunny by Booney Bunes Wearing Bior as featured in Vogue Paris

jiminy Cricket by Balt Bisney Wearing Balvin Blein as featured in Time

Tinker Bell by Balt Bisney Wearing Brada as featured in Vogue Italia

Daisy by Balt Bisney Wearing Alexander McQueen as featured in Bime