Whilst from first glance the works appear to be about monsters RichHARD is actually pursuing paintings about human emotions. The series explores the human psyche and the various inner monsters we may all face. Those monsters may be the necessity to be cool, famous or a boss for example. Each piece tells a story with hidden detail to interpret. RichHARD’s humour can be seen in the use of white lines that represent cocaine, a metaphor for addition and the pure need to carry out a human activity/desire. The works provoke questions from the viewer but leave out the answers whereby different viewers may glean something individual from the works. All the works contain an element of RichHARDs statement abstract circles, a self joke on the artists goals perhaps. The Original paintings also change radically under ultraviolet light to release the MonSTAR and change the intensity of the works. 

mE Tech (Daylight)

mE Tech (UV)

mE Tech

mE Hunger (UV)

mE Hunger

mE Legend (UV)

mE Legend

mE Confident (UV)

mE Confident