The most universal shape is the circle, from the ball called earth, to the moon and the sun. In these works RichHARD’s intention is to capture groups of society and relationships within. Each living circle captures the freedom of movement so that the outcome is perfection yet unique like a fingerprint. Is a small and large circle within a rectangle a mother and child? Are the black background dots ‘facebook friends’? Do the grey circles represent those we do not yet know or those we have lost? The arrangements showcase RichHARD’s eye for colour using his trademark ‘scribble’ to express depth and symbolism. The intention is to prompt questions but not answers.

“Anyone who tells you money cant buy happiness never had any” – Samuel L. Jackson

So if diva means giving your best then yes I guess I am a diva” – Patti LaBelle

“There is another theory which states that this has already happened” – Douglas-Adams

“We are all of us stars and deserve to twinkle” -Marilyn Monroe

Aluminium Façade Circles

L’Art Gallery Façade Commission